The Reddy Family Scholarship


This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I am fortunate in many, many ways.  Specifically, with regard to education and academic achievement, my parents had high expectations.  Doing well in school, going to college and on to graduate education was never really discussed.  It was an expectation.  My parents and interested teachers helped keep me motivated and get me prepared to make the move to college.  Fortunately, I was able to earn enough scholarship money that I didn't need much financial help from my family for my undergraduate education.

Other kids aren't so fortunate for many reasons.  They may not have the financial resources to fall back on that I did.  They may be the first person in their family to go to college.  They may be from a minority background.  Or... They may be all three.  Kids in this situation face multiple challenges as shown in different studies.

National Center for Education Statistics

US Department of Education

Hechinger Report

So... We're pleased to announce The Reddy Family Scholarship.  It is available for minority students of achievement and financial need graduating from Poplar Bluff High School.  The scholarship is for $3500 for the first year of college, split between semesters (or trimesters).  We are very excited to help be a part of a student's college dream and maybe help lower at least one barrier to future achievement.

Applications are available at this LINK or at the PBHS Counselors Office.  If there are any questions or issues, please contact Barb Green with the R1 School District at 573-785-7751.